Monday, September 14, 2009


As soon as cameras showed Annie Le never came out of that building at Yale, wasn't it obvious that the poor girl's body was still in there? This same story happened in NYC a few months ago:

Woman enters building, woman doesn't exit building. Cops search Pennsylvania landfill, then later discover her body in--surprise--the building she never left.

Now, in this case:

Woman enters building, doesn't exit building, all her credit cards and later some bloody clothes are found in the building, and where do the cops go? Hartford landfill! How about thoroughly searching the building, fellas? Well, now they have, and sure enough, her body was in there.

I guess they could have been just checking the trash for other stuff...but they did imply that they had searched the building for the body, didn't find it, and so were then searching the landfill for it.

I'm just glad the YES cameramen weren't on the case. They would have immediately searched Derek Jeter's face and would still be looking there. When in doubt, or, when you know exactly what's going on, focus on Jeter.

In fact, yes, I'm gonna go ahead and predict that Derek Jeter will be found out to be Annie Le's killer. And Kennedy's assassin.
I'm about halfway through your book, and it's quite clear knowledge of police work is limited. For example, a Sergrant outranks a Detective, yet you have Detective Patel in charge of Sgt. Flanagan. Makes no sense. And you also refer to Flanagan as both "Sargeant Flanagan" and "Lieutenant Flanagan" (first couple pages of chapter 9. He can't be both. They're two entirely different ranks. You also misspell "Sargeant". It's really spelled "Sergeant". Look it up.

And yes, I realize your book is Fiction, but my point is this; stick to writing what you know about, ie baseball. Unless you have a surrogate Uncle working with the police, I'm guessing you have no way of knowing whether there were simultaneous searches going on at Yale and the landfill. You would also have no way of knowing if the search of the landfill was based on the possibility that the girl didn't walk out of the building, but was rather killed inside of the building and either dumped in a dumpster or carried out in some type of container/bag and dumped elsewhere. You also have no way of knowing if the search of the landfill wasn't for a body, but rather for other physical evidence that was dumped in the trash.

I visited your blog because I'm currently reading your book, am from CT, and wanted to read some Red Sox material written by a fellow CT guy. Not to read Monday morning QBing of a police investigation you know nothing about. Please, let the real life Rocky Patels investigate murders. You stick to baseball.
Your answer is here, ass:

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