Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm starting to wonder if one of my many "Yankee-fan commenters whose comments don't go through but they keep writing me every over and over" is just a joke. This guy updates me on the magic number, but only when it changes. Classic Yankee fan--it's as if he lives in some kind of cocoon, where no one ever sees him, unless something good happens for his team. Then he comes out and basks in the sun until the next bad thing happens, at which point he withers up and disappears again.

On top of that stereotypical Yankee fan behavior, he also has no idea how to spell words or make complete sentences. That's why I think it's just a joke, because I couldn't do a better job of making up fake "average anonymous dumbass fairweather Yankee fan" comments myself.

Someone should really do a psychological study on this. These people, in their minds, are always on top. Every time they speak, it's to make fun of that moment's positive thing. If anything negative happens, just disappear, simple as that.

(Also, the fact that he's this excited about the thought at winning the division, especially when both teams are making the playoffs anyway, combined with a complete lack of English skills, tells me might just be some 17-year old kid who can't remember the last team his team won the World Series and thinks them beating the big, bad Red Sox out in the east would actually count as achieving a goal. How much you wanna bet, if the Yanks win the east but we win the World Series, he STILL comes around bragging about that coveted division championship? After a four-month hibernation period, of course.)


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