Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm The Cabin Boy...

I finally named our palm tree. I decided to let the name come to me organically instead of just picking one right away. The name: Jim Palmer. "I just opened my mouth and out it came." And it works on three levels: 1. The obvious one. 2. As a nice tribute to Kim's dad, Jim. 3. Also can be in honor of our friend who is an Orioles fan. And Brian, who just moved to Birdland.

In other naming news, there's a guy who works in the cafeteria at my work who looks like Tim Wakefield. His name is Jim, and I figure his job probably entails some type of baking, so I shall call him: Jim Bakefield.

You have a job? More important, you have a cafeteria at work? I think we need to focus on Derek Jeter's face for a reaction.
It is weird to have a cafeteria at work. I've had the same job before in decidely non-cafeteria buildings...
I think the job comes as some surprise to many of us...;-)

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