Monday, September 21, 2009

Horse Patch

You walk more than TEN batters, you're probably gonna lose. Even if you once had a huge lead. Put this one in the category with the big blown lead in Baltimore and the three-run ninth-inning blown lead against Oakland at home.

But hey, TC's not sad, the only thing he cares about is the Texas Rangers! Instead of constantly referring to them as the "team who wouldn't go away" (they were never even there, Tom), how about talking about the Red Sox as being the team who never goes away in the division race! Maybe tonight's loss shows what happens to teams are told to be complacent. I can't blame the offense--except for a few times when guys didn't slide or run balls out or get thrown out on the bases....

It was weird, though, how earlier you were almost rooting for our innings to end to make sure the game went official. Pedroia getting thrown out on the bases seemed like the right play--the runs score and we move the game along. But then the game seemed like it was about 14 innings long.

I'm very pissed right now but even more pissed about the fact that the folks in the organization and at NESN just don't seem to give a fuck. Here's a Texas update! Who the hell cares??

The Yanks now trail 3-0. Hopefully we can keep it at five GB, 4 in the loss. But we should have won tonight. I wish the Rangers were a game ahead of us, so I could know that we'd be going all out till the end of the season. You want to go into the playoffs without having slept through the previous two weeks. You want to have home field advantage. You want to have just demoralized your rival. And I know tomorrow morning I'll realize that we can win from the WC spot as we and many teams have before, but I'm pissed right now goddamn it! Why do I get the feeling if we do tie the Yanks, they'll be throwing Mo out there for a six-out save on the final weekend, while we'll be saying, Hey, it doesn't matter, we're already in... I just hate that attitude in general.

Update, 12:05 AM: We go to the 8th, 4-1 Angels. They have to hold on to give me some sleep tonight.

12:28 AM: So I flipped on the, saw the Angels get a run in bottom 8 to make it 5-2, and Scioscia's still pissed. He had a right to be, as Rivera, who hit the RBI double, jogged to first assuming the ball was gone. Scioscia pinch-ran for him.... Anyway, Saunders has a three-run lead as they go to the ninth.

12:44 AM: Yanks lose. We should have gained a game tonight. Easily. The good news is the Yanks are 4-6 in their last ten. We play three more and they play two more before we play each other. Five back, four in the loss.

And if injuries are the big worry, why try hard in May, June, August, etc...

Even without going all out, I'm hearing Drew say he can't finish games, Bay having to come out, Youk just missed time...let's play ball! All the time! I know you don't wanna burn guys out but you still have to win! 6-0 fucking lead. 8-2. Have to win this game.
What you and your first commenter said. Every word. I turned in to bed last night with the Sox leading 8-2. Good thing I didn't stay up to watch the carnage.

Fack, etc.
Well, I guess they really are going to start Byrd tonight and then again Sunday in the Bronx, so that pretty much confirms that they don't care about the division. And yeah, that does bother me; I don't see why they can't go all out through this weekend, and then see where they stand.

But I part ways with you on this:
You want to go into the playoffs without having slept through the previous two weeks.

Unless they're tied for the division or ahead by 1 or 2, I absolutely want them resting starters and getting the pitching set up over the last 4-5 games. They rested pretty much everybody in '04, and then again in '07 (to the point where they almost blew the division), and I'd argue that was a big factor in how they were able to win the ALCS wars of attrition in both those seasons.
Yeah, I know. But still, I don't want them dead like the 07 Rockies going into the WS.
Oh, and I've called down from last night, but I've still seen enough of Delcarmen for awhile. I guess he's decided to play the role of Eric Gagne this year.

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