Saturday, September 12, 2009

GoodFellas 1, Red Sox Game 0

So we played a game for a few batters, and then waited and watched GoodFellas for 2 hours, and that was that. Friday's game will be Sunday noon, and Sunday's game moves back to 5:00ish. Yanks got killed, though, which is nice. 8.5 back, but in playoff pazish anyway.

I think this could be the biggest excuse-year from Yankee fans of the current era of awesomeness. Think about it, they always feel like they should win, and with the money they have, they should be every year. But this year, they're all getting really confident, again not realizing that racking up runs against shitty teams does nothing for you when October starts. So they're gonna have some good excuses ready as to why in 2009, they truly were the best team, and were meant to win, and that it's such a shame that some lesser team won. I'm just sayin', prepare for it now.

Also, I just got Pixies tix. Sweeeeet....

My remote was going on a threesome between the Sox rain delay, Goodfellas and A Hard Day's Night.

I'm really offended by all this Jeter genuflecting today. Channel 7 News had it as their top story at 11 (while the 9/11 remembrances was top with everyone else). And the two lead NY rage have it all over their front pages. Sickening.
Hey, I'm going to that Pixies show too! I didn't even know about it until this afternoon.
There are two in Boston and 3 in NYC. I'm going to one of the 5.....
Whichever one is the Saturday after thanksgiving. I've always really liked them, but didn't realize they were even touring or anything until my girlfriend told me she was going and their friends had an extra ticket. So that was a bit of luck...

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