Thursday, September 17, 2009


Somebody (our oldest friend "Anonymous") wrote me a comment at 3:00 this morning telling me all about how the talk about policework in my book is wrong and how I really don't know what I'm talking about with my post about the Annie Le case. Fine, we can argue that stuff. Our publisher is new and let's just say my role turned out to be more than just "author"--ask Tom Clancy to edit, proofread, and take the cover photo for his books and see how they turn out. But again, that's something we can go back and forth on. But the thing that pisses me off probably more than anything else in the world is when he says:

"I visited your blog because I'm currently reading your book, am from CT, and wanted to read some Red Sox material written by a fellow CT guy. Not to read Monday morning QBing of a police investigation you know nothing about. Please, let the real life Rocky Patels investigate murders. You stick to baseball."

Let me tell you something, you shit-smearing, baby-butt licking, frog-penis stroking, child-molesting aunt-fucker. I'll write about whatever the fuck I want in my own space. This blog isn't here to impress you. Do you know that I've written this blog for five and a half years just for the pure hell of it, all on my own time, not one cent given to me by anyone? I'm allowed to do whatever I want, and you're allowed to go somewhere else to find what you want to read. Instead of finishing that copy of my book, why don't you use it as a pillow for that secret daughter you've been hiding in your backyard tents and raping? Oh wait, I wouldn't want to slander Anonymous!

So to sum up: I do what I want. Stop raping your daughter. Tell all your friends not to read my book or blog because I definitely don't want to be associated with them either. Go fuck yourself. (I know it's hard with an inverted penis, but you figured it out with that poor leukemia-stricken incestuous daughter of yours.)

You stick to daughter-raping, eh?

Frog dick!

Yeah, I've seen this kind of response more and more on the different blogs that I read. People chime in to say "Hey, I'm hear to read about X, and you're writing about X AND Y. Stop it. Give me X and nothing else."

Friggin' self-righteous babies...
That was special.

But seriuosly, I kind of like your book. I wouldn't have stayed up til 3 AM reading it if I didn't.

As a professional blogger, why is it that you don't have a thicker skin? People must disagree with you all the time. Isn't that the point of a blog?

Angry Mike Sciossia and the "classy stuff" Yankee Stadium bleacher cretin got nuthin' on you.

If you don't care for anonymous posters, couldn't you disable that as an option for posting on your blog?
I'm not a professional blogger. I just said I don't get paid. I have a 40-hour job and do this when I can.

I've taken the anonymous option off and on and off over the years, I finally just left it on so people don't have to sign in if they don't have an account or whatever. Or I can just reject comments.

It's just the thing that I can't grasp, why someone would tell me what to do at my own place.
Obviously you can write whatever you want on your own blog. Just be prepared for people to disagree with you. And when people do disagree, a well thought out response grounded in fact and reason will bring you more cedibility than sophmoric name calling.

I'm going to finish your book over the weekend. Looking forward to it.
You don't seem to be getting it. This isn't a disagreement, it's you telling me what to do. And now trying to give me a lesson on how to handle myself in the "blog" forum--maybe you should try taking that advice on sticking to what you know?

I feel like I've had this exact conversation with the last guy who tried to tell me what to write about a few years ago.
Good luck with everything Jere. I hope to see your name on the bestseller list someday. I really do.
And I hope next time you like something, you don't seek out the person who made it telling them what's wrong with it and that they should stick to what they know.
Wow, Jere.

As for the anonymous commenter, do they even know what fiction is? I loved the book myself, because I took it for what it was, a piece of fiction. But I've gotta say I'm surprised by this response. Don't think I've ever read you get so vile. I'm glad you're standing up for yourself. Always thought you were a little easy on the dumbass commenters :-)

Keep on keeping on! Go Sox!
That person just really ruined my day....

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