Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally We Beat The Royals. So...

In these three days where we were supposed to make the 5-game deficit smaller, we made it bigger. With the win tonight, though (our 90th), we still have a chance to make it 5.5 going into the three-game series at the New Loo.

Did you notice the Royals added the little brick wall behind the plate? Because there's nothing more unique than doing what everyone else does. I've been saying this for quite some time now, but I'll say it again: The reason we ended up with "cookie cutter stadiums" in the 70s is because everybody did the same thing. Hence the name. It doesn't matter how cool the template is, if everyone uses it, it's not cool at all anymore. (I do like that Kaufman Stadium, and it looks like they did a nice job re-doing it overall, though I still say Royals fans would have preferred to have all that money go players.)

What was Billy Wagner wearing under his jersey? Looked like a "Property of..." T-shirt, with green letters. Maybe an Eagles shirt he picked up in Philly? Why do I care?

The Reds became the 18th team in 2009 to score every total from 0-13. Yes, I'm still keeping track.


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