Thursday, September 17, 2009


I remember a highlight from the '80s where a dad holds his little baby out over the wall, possibly at Fenway Park, and the kid picks up a baseball from the field. The dad then holds the kid up in the air, while the kid holds the ball up over his head. The crowd cheers. And right before they cut to the next funny blooper, you see the kid throw the ball back. The way it was cut (at least on the tape I had--it might have been Warner Wolf's Plays of the Decade) almost made me feel like I wasn't supposed to noticed that the kid ruined the whole thing by throwing the ball. Well, as you know know if you're an American with Internet access, a very similar thing happened at a Phillies game. And I don't know where I'm going with this, except to say that it's about time this play went mainstream. I'll have to find that old tape.... Does anyone remember this?

Jere, is it possible that the play from the 80s you cited happened at Dodger Stadium? My mould-encrusted 42-year-old neurons seem to remember something like this, but I'm picturing a low, blue wall.

Sorry, dude - not much help. I'll keep thinking.

I can guaranty that clip was from the Warner tape. That you don't recall probably means it was from the 1 hr tape, not the more popular 1/2 hr version.

Ooh, thanks, Case. I think I only saw the hour one once though, and I feel like I saw it a lot--so maybe it was from the halfer. I'm dying to check now.

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