Sunday, September 13, 2009

Double Sweep

Doubleheader and series sweeps! One run total given up by the Red Sox today, behind HH and Sid. 7 games back, but playing ultra-sweet ball as we head to month 10. Eleven straight losses for Tampa.

Don used the "reach out and touch someone" term to describe a hit by Drew today. Remember that old phone ad? I bet half the audience missed that one.

You know how people keep complaining about our road record, saying how it's some kind of red flag and that we really need to get to .500 on the road to prove we are truly a baseball team and yadda-cubed? Please note that only three teams in the A.L. have a better road record than the Red Sox.

Edited to add: Jim Carroll died! You may know him as author of The Basketball Diaries or from that song he did, "People Who Died." I saw him do a spoken word performance a few years ago at the Tune-Inn in New Haven. It was a highly entertaining as he read from his journals--I'll never forget him talking about being a kid and discovering that it feels really good if you lightly run your fingertips along your forearm. And I could relate! I, too, was an arm-rubber! In honor of the late Jim Carroll, rub your forearm tonight. If it doesn't feel good, you're doing it wrong.

Wow, been outside all day and had not heard about Jim Carroll.
I was an instant fan when I first discovered him. I was a latecomer, it was one of my buddies who went to college that turned me on to him. This was at the release of Dry Dreams. When I said I actually liked it he brought me a copy of Catholic Boy and I was blown away. It was the first time I heard a "punk" band I really liked. I have Catholic Boy and Dry Dreams on vinyl, and several songs from them are on some my mix discs.
Another one bites the dust.....

But on the bright side - 2 Today!!
And Clay looks stronger every day.
I don't know if you saw my "guest post" on JoS about seeing Dice here in W-S, but if not you should check it out. It was beyond cool seeing a pitcher of his stature from my seat immediately behind, and I mean IMMEDIATELY behind his dugout. As in chin resting on the dugout. Just wish I was a better photographer. You would have had a treasure trove of great shots with this vantage point. Me - not so much.
I have to admit when I read your comment I thought I was going to read about you seeing Dice in the 2007 World Series! As opposed to seeing him the other day in Winston-Salem..... but still, thanks for that.

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