Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Doing Our Jobbie Jobs

It's September. The regular season's almost over, which means it's time to start looking at some of the idiotic predictions people made before the season. I've been waiting to share this one with you since February. I was following the first spring training game (against Boston College) on Extra Bases, when some moron called Nosey Nate said this (2:03 PM):

"Everyone will say..aww its just one exhibition game, but mark my words..this will be the Sox big problem all year..scoring runs"

As of September 8th, two of the 29 other teams in the majors have scored more runs than the Boston Red Sox. Next February, Nate, go skiing. In known avalanche areas.

We beat the O's as we should tonight, 10-zip. HH did a fine job, and we peppered the pocket of air that hovers above the AAA sign. A six-dong night, two for Dustin. Still 9 back, though.

The Division's over, Jere; it's pretty much been over since Beckett lost to the Yanks in Fenway. The Yanks have 22 games left, including 15 against Tampa, Baltimore, Toronto, Kansas City and Seattle...the only tough series left for them are the Angels and the Sox. That's just too many really lousy teams just going through the motions; odds are pretty slim that they lose 9 on their remaining schedule, and even if they did, the Sox would have to run the table.

The most important things for the Sox over the next few weeks are:
1. That they keep winning most of their own games.
2. That Texas starts losing some games.
3. That they figure out whatever has been wrong with Beckett over the past month, if he's not hiding another injury.

If 1. and 2. happen, they'll make the October Dance. If 3. happens (and yesterday's game, despite the loss, was somewhat encouraging on that front), then they'll have as good a chance as anyone in October. Buchholz stepping up over his last few starts is another big positive.
If we cut it to 5 before the Yanks series and then sweep them, we have a shot! I just hate the fact that there's really no point in trying because of the way baseball is set up.
Your A's moved out of last with 11 runs last night! ONly the Mets and Mariners need two scores now. And the Red Sox had 9 on 9/9/9 until Ortiz hit the late dong to make it 10. So we're still waiting on that 9-run total....
Oh wait, today's 9/9. Yesterday was 9/8. I should have known that...
Just to get to your 5 game out scenario by the time the Sox return to the Bronx, they'd pretty much have to go on a 15 game winning streak (including these past two wins against the O's), because I don't see the Yanks going any worse than 8-4 over their next twelve games with all of the cupcakes on their schedule. Not happening. And I don't think the Sox lack any motivation for pulling out all the stops to win every night for the next few weeks with the Texas Rangers breathing down their necks, so I can't blame the WC for making them complacent either. I don't like the WC, but I like the thought of the Sox sitting home in October even less.

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