Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy If You Let It

On NESN games at the Stank Tank, there's always this annoying, constant hruuuuuuuuuuu. This isn't just my TV, is it?

We got off to a great start, when Bay had the ball in very shallow left with Jeter just hitting third, and he made no attempt to easily throw him out by 30 feet. There was also no talk of "a win here is key as a sweep is almost mandatory if the Red Sox want to win the division." Instead it was just the media's usual talk: there's no advantage to winning the division. Really? None? Okay, I'll just go back to sleep and you can tell me the Texas Rangers score.

Good thing Lester's not seriously injured. That woulda ganked.

Was it just me or were Don and Eck rooting for the Yanks (between nut-washings of them)?

After the loss we gotta win the next two and then...oh who cares, we're not trying and nobody cares anyway. We just better be ready when the ALDS starts. Every other team seems to be trying....whereas we're being cautious but still end up with pitchers lying on the mound in pain.

I blame the navy alternative batting practice uniforms. And Tek.

As for NESN, look at the bright side: you could still be living in the greater NY region, and therefore forced to watch the YES broadcast.

As for Bay, he might have had a play at the plate, but he wouldn't have had him by anything close to 30 feet. Plus, it's just one run in the first inning when the pitching matchup is in your favor, so I can see the argument for holding ARod at first instead. Of course, w/Tek behind the plate, all singles become automatic doubles anyway...

Really hope Lester can heal quickly from this contusion. If he's less than 100%, the Sox' postseason chances go down a lot.

The two positives about last night:
1. We decided the night before not to get tickets.
2. If anybody in the Sox front office was still arguing for keeping Tek on the post-season roster, they likely changed their minds last night. I'd go with Dusty Brown as VMart's back-up.
Today's lineup: Baldelli, Lowrie, Anderson all in, Bay, Gonzalez and Drew all sitting. So this one's gonna suck too. At least Tek isn't playing.
re: Bay: But how about a throw to the cutoff man who can cut it if it's not gonna be close--oh right, you don't need a cutoff when you're almost on the infield! I don't know, I should watch that play again, but it seemed like if he threw home, the ball beats the runner by a lot. (I was gonna say 45 feet originally!)

And I actually almost did say something like, "Don and Eck are making me want to switch to Yankee coverage..."

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