Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cook County Conquered By Cancer Kicker

Before the season, I was pissed at the way some writer nonchalantly called Jon Lester was the "co-ace" as if everyone felt that's what he was. I'm about the biggest Lester fan you can be, and always have been--I just thought that was a little disrespectful to Beckett. But if Josh keeps pooping the pull-out, people are gonna start calling the Lymphomatic Lefty the ace, if they aren't already. A fine performance from Wicked Lester in Blow-town today.

The game only looked a little shaky when "Hey mommy, it's your phone sex ad" gave up a dong to make it 3-1 in the eighth, but Vik-E Mart gave us a key insurance homer in the 9th, and we win 6-1.

Yanks got sponked by the Jays, so we're back to 7.5 back.

I'm wondering if this week the Red Sox send me playoff ticket info.... Since I've (somehow) changed addresses during every year my 10-game plan has existed (except for 2006--the one year in that time we didn't make the playoffs), I always worry there's gonna be a problem with getting my ALDS tickets. In 2009, I have not moved. Nothing to worry about. Just gotta get the team into the playoffs. But that shouldn't be a problem.

I am just this close to wanting to have Jon Lester's children

I should have called this "Cancer Kicker Conquers Cook County Crew."

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