Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buck 'Em

Got a comment on an old post about the "BUCK PRINTING CO." ad from someone whose name is Buck, and therefore must be part of that family. He's looking for pictures of the sign. I figure I'll help him out and post this to see if anyone has any. His e-mail address is in the comments of that post.

I also got an anonymous comment on my last post which I rejected. It was the usual, well, let's just say Yankee fan spam is like a Jeter base hit, the same old dashed off tripe over and over. But this one made special note to tell me that among Jeter's qualities that I'm jealous of, he also "pulls pussy." More classy talk from Yankeeland. Oh and he also said that I wish things were "the way they were before." Classic. Yeah, I'm really sad about this fucking utopian baseball world during this eight-year-long, extended Yankee choke! Can't ya tell??? This would be the second-best stretch of baseball in my lifetime even without the Red Sox having won TWO championships in the middle of it. I guess that guy was going back to the old Michael Kay psychology: winning would be the worst thing that could happen for Red Sox fans. It's funny when people say the exact opposite of the truth. But that's being a Yankee for you. They can't help it, they're just born thinking only good happens. If it doesn't, pretend it does.

It may be true what that yankee fan said about Jeter. I heard Kate Hudson has moved him up to the clean-up position.

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