Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Boston Red Sox Are IN The Playoffs

It's about damn time!

I never want to take a playoff appearance for granted, so I will now sip some liquid from an elongated glass. My liquid of choice will be water. You can drink whatever you like.

Least exciting clinch ever!

(MLB Network just showed the end of the Rangers game. The announcers wondered if anyone was hanging around Fenway to celebrate, haha. And now back in the studio, they cut to a live shot of a dark Fenway, with no one in the crowd. So at least I didn't miss anything...)

Yeah, apparently all you missed was a bunch of morons celebrating a 5th straight loss by pouring beer and champagne on each other...oh wait...that was THE PLAYERS...
Woo, woo.

I was up when we "clinched", or should I say when someone else clinched for us.
Hard to get excited after all these crappy losses.
Of course, all is new come next week. Everyone is 0-0.
But I really do think we need to step it up just a bit this last week. Rest is good, but so is playing well, and we're not doing that right now. Get a groove back first, then kick back for a few days.
Just me, though.
This kinda reminds me of 1988, when the Sox lost 6 of their final 7 and backed into winning the division by a game. I still remember not knowing if they had clinched on the final Friday night of the season until I finally heard it on the radio Saturday...the Saturday Bridgeport Post didn't have it because Milwaukee was playing a late game at Oakland. The pre-internet world was a very different place.

And I got the magnet! Fantastic cards of Dewey and Louie! Thank you very much Jere. I feel guilty that you went to all the trouble of finding those great 70's cards.

And a big thank you to Kim for including the soap! It was a very nice bonus to find that in the package. StellaMarie products are prominently featured in our guest bathroom.

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