Monday, September 07, 2009

Boobie Twaps

Beckett vs. Buehueehuhuehuehheurle, 2:0somethingorother.

And I'm looking for George and Tara from Westwood, Mass. Remember them? If you were on vacation in Puerto Rico with me in 1987 you would. George would go around using his hands like crab claws calling them "my boobie twaps." When my sister--who was 15, three years older than me--asked George if she and I looked alike, George innocently replied, "Yeah. Except you got wittle wed dots on your face." Ouch! Then me and George snuck onto the roof of the hotel. Then we never saw them again. I do remember they were from Westwood, though, because I later noticed in the Welcome to the Jungle video some stock news footage of fires with "Westwood" on the screen. Which I found out to be Westwood, California. But anyway, anybody out there grow up in Westwood, MA? You know George and "Tawa"? Shoot me an e-mail. Next week: Dan and Lisa from Suffern, NY. And maybe that girl from Torrington.


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