Friday, September 18, 2009

More Bird-beatin'

Back on the victorious path as HH gets the dub and Pap the seighve.

We're 14-2 against Baltimore this year.

When Don was signing off, the audio skipped when he said the number 6. "Six-six-six..." Not as bad as the time Sean McDonough was saying the words "not see" and the whole telecast screwed up, with the video stopping and the audio repeating over and over, so suddenly the audience was seeing a still frame and hearing "Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi" before the whole thing just cut out. That was a bizarre moment--my dad and I were watching, so I at least have a witness. I'd guess it was a game in the Metrodome, probably early 90s.

Can the people who think Jeter should be MVP look at Youk's numbers, please? That way they can see a guy who's having a great year--a year that's nowhere near Joe Mauer's.

On the postgame, Jim Rice was talking and I was half-listening, and it took my brain a few seconds to process the sounds I'd just heard. A quack, and a fart. And then it hit me--Jim is known to use the term "duckfart" on the air. Did he really say it using sound effects or was I dreaming?

Finally, a guy named Monty commented on my post from the 9/9 game, saying he got married at the park that day, asking if I got a pic of him in the front row in center field. He showed me a picture of he and his wife for reference. I checked my entire bunch of pics from that night, and by random chance, I have a picture from before the game which they're in!

Check them out, at far left, posing for a picture in white shirts.

I love this stuff! You in the background of my shots, me in the background of yours, etc., etc. E-mail me with any fun instances or requests or whatever.


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