Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ass Out Of U And Me

Before this series I said it was more likely the Red Sox clinch the wild card than the Yanks clinch the division this weekend. After the first two games, the Yanks have a chance at the division, while we have NO chance to clinch anything. Great job, guys. The only good thing is that the wild card clinch has to be at home now, which means I'll see it in person--although I was rooting against that, and in fact almost didn't think it would be possible we wouldn't have been in the playoffs by the end of today. But maybe that's what happens when you instruct your team to just coast while everyone else is still giving their all. How would this be for a lesson: we lose the next five games and end up having to throw Beckett and Lester the last few games just to get in anyway, after all this, and end up starting Paul Byrd in Game One, while in the meantime the Tigers team plane crashes and the Yanks just get an automatic win in the ALDS, which could have been us if we'd gone for the division.

(By the way, MLB already thinks the Yanks have won the division. I'd love to think this could be motivation for the Red Sox, but instead Tito's probably like, "see, the Yanks have already won so let's keep 'resting.'")


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