Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Know.....

I would've been okay with two out of three. But Beckett is Bed-shit lately, and if he's hurt, he should tell someone, unlike last year.

The Damon bloop hit--Josh has got to be throwing balls out of the zone on 0-2. He deserved what he got there. Which was Felch-face lining one to right with Baldelli Drew'd by overthrowing the cutoff man and nearly the next guy. And didn't Josh watch the thing ESPN showed about how to pitch to Jeter they showed ten times before the game?

It's amazing we've done as well as we have against Mo over the years, considering his strike zone is wider than Joe Haggerty's wife's....well, pick the most Haggerty-insulting part you can think of. That guy hates the Red Sox enough to join the Boston media...oh wait... (and before you say I should leave his wife out of it, hey, she commented here. Then again, it could've been any of the Red Sox-hating, attention-loving people in his family. Either way, screw all those people).

Joe Morgan's not even trying to hide the fact that he's 100% on the Yanks' side of this rivalry, is he?

I love watching that nonchalant, smug mother pus bucket Cano eff up, which he did twice tonight. Though on the pop-up he dropped, Kiedis deserves some of the blame, as he was doing that "Little League backpedal." As soon as I saw that, I knew there was trouble.

Bay: when a ball is hit with two outs, run as fast as you can until the play is over. He almost cost us on that play. What is wrong with these guys that they can't just run balls out. At least he was trotting as opposed to just stopped, but still. We're kinda trying to make the playoffs here.

ESPN never did show us what happened on that ball into the left field corner. Whoops. They also did the classic "show ball in flight" on Lowell's double. You better be sure it's a home run if you're gonna completely avoid showing the fielders the entire time on a play.

Funny play when A-Rod was totally out of position on that other missed pop-up, yet still raised his arm, as if they could have thrown it to him, nowhere near the bag.

I'm not even gonna comment on Morgan's "most improved player" line about Jacoby.

We could have had this game. Even if Beckett was half-good Beckett. But no. So we're 7.5 back. But the Yanks, like their stadium, aren't the most impressive thing in the world, and I know we can beat them in the playoffs. If THEY make it to the ALCS, that is.

Speaking of the New Loo, how come people kept saying, about Tazawa, things like, "you can't start your career in a bigger spot than Yankee Stadium"? Uh, why not? I think they're thinking of a different stadium. This one's brand new and has no history. Maybe a bigger spot would be any of the 29 other stadiums that are as old or older than (wind) current Yankee Stadium?

The last replay of that ball hit in the left field corner looked like the fan reached out to snag it, but it might have hit the foul line. Is that possible? Could a fan rob a player from a hit in those seats?

Also, did you get enough Jeter camera time last night? Good Lord that was sickening.
Yeah, it's like Phil in Groundhog Day making the ice sculpture of Rita--we know Jeter's face so well, we could make a sculpture of it with our eyes closed.

On that play, it was funny how long it took them to figure out what exactly was happening. But on a play like that, you can reach way out and your hand would be in fair territory, but with the ball curling to the left, it would be a foul ball anyway. As for robbing the fielder, same deal, the ball probably would be on a path to hit the side wall, if it was close enough to reach out and touch. Terrible camera work and producing.
God, Morgan is such an ass. I was sitting in a bar watching the game and every time they showed Idiot Joe we all yelled. Ditto Jeter's nauseating over-exposure.

The game yesterday was not nearly as painful as Friday's, of course, but it still hurt, because we saw on saturday just what these boys can do when they're firing on all cylinders. I took non-Red Sox people with me to the bar to watch the game, touting the Beckett-Sabathia match-up as the epic battle I expected it to be... except, yeah, what's wrong with Beckett?

White Sox series starts tonight, yeah? Here's hoping for a crazy winning streak ala the start of the season....

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