Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yanks Now Playing .111 Ball Against Us

Damn that Smoltz. Why did we just assume he'd be a solid pitcher for half a season, but Derek Lowe, Bronson, Masterson, these guys just aren't good enough? Anyway, our fifth starter stank, and their whatever-you-call-him stank, too. How do we get 11 walks and still be down by almost ten runs?

Is it me or was Don Orsillo uncharacteristically nervous tonight? Stumbling over promos, et freakin' cetera. Not as nervous as Damon was in pre-game...

I thought Drew missing Key-Dis's line drive was key. I would have liked to see a replay, but NESN only showed Teixeira running to first in slow motion.

That Traber loves to show the batter his grip on the ball, eh? I didn't like how Tito went to him at 5-3. He was actually talking about losing battles to win wars with Francesa today, but I would have preferred the "good" relievers come in--we could have won that game. Go with Masterso--oh wait...

Don! When Yankee fans cheer with two strikes because the goddamn scoreboards are telling them to, SAY THAT! Don't say how Yankee fans always come alive with two strikes. It's almost like all the announcers in the world have been paid off to never tell the public that Yankee fans need to be told when to cheer.

Also, Don and Dave: When Lowell hits one way in the hole and Jeter does the jump throw and almost gets him, you have to mention how the only reason the play was close, and in fact the only reason why Jeter bothered to throw, is that the slowest man in baseball was running. Don't just act like it's a great lay by Jeter and give us the old "he has a patent on that play, heh heh" line....

What else....the Posada play at the plate. What the hell was that? High Larrity. JD Drew was proud, I'm sure.

Joba the Slut may have been the first pitcher in history tonight to get two sarcastic cheers for finally throwing a one inning.

Okay, enough scattered thoughts. 3.5 back, but one of our real pitchers goes tomorrow.

I actually think that Dumbo Posada may even be slower than Lowell at this point, hard as that is to imagine.

Masterson was traded because Theo wouldn't give Cleveland Buchholz for VMart, and Cleveland wouldn't settle for Bowden. No regrets on that one...the bat was necessary, and Masterson hasn't proven he can get lefties out. I only regret that Clay wasn't moved as well for Lee or King Felix or Halladay. And Smoltz is a bad signing, but I don't think the FO was counting on him being a regular in this rotation...Dice-K's implosion and Wake's injury are the reasons that it's come to this.
had to know last night was going to be a sacrifice with Smoltz on the mound. Might be time to give up on that experiment.

More interesting was how awful Chamberlain was against a patient team. I'd love to go against him in game 3 of a playoff series. When he gets in trouble, like the 5th last night, he just wants to throw fastballs and sliders and keeps shaking off Posada until he gets them. Too bad Kotchman and Green couldn't take advantage of it, he does it every time.

I like Beckett to come up big tonight and Lester should get the job done Sunday, so if Clay can pitch well and Sabathia stays at his somewhat unimpressive level this weekend might not be a total disaster.
Surely the Sox have a pitcher in the minors somewhere (and you'd know if they do, Jere) who surely would not be any worse than John Smoltz.

Smoltz is a good man and he used to be a very good pitcher, but stick a fork in him now. He's done, and the Sox have to stop throwing every fifth game away by putting him on the mound.

After that game, if I were John Smoltz, I would announce my immediate retirement. He can't be happy about what's happened to his pitching ability.
Hey, SFIH...update your blog more often!
1. I am not, nor have I ever been, a Patriots fan.

2. It's a different sport, so even if I was, it wouldn't be relevant anyway.

3. There's no A in "never."

4. You do have the right to make fun of me, since the Yanks have won more recently than the Red Sox have, with your huge 0-3 comeback in the ALCS against us in 2004 and then another title in 2007...oh wait, I've got the teams revered! Silly me... I was thinking we were the choking losers and you were the winners. Myyyy mistake.

5. Your horse left me a message earlier asking if I could tell you to stop fucking it.
Silly Anonymous...Jere likes to root against the Patriots because they won too much or something.

Smoltz DFA'd, Tazawa called up.
Jere chill out, (have you ever heard of an internet troll?)love the blog, and what I do with my horse is MY business.
lighten up
Surely the Sox have a pitcher in the minors somewhere (and you'd know if they do, Jere) who surely would not be any worse than John Smoltz.

Wow - John Smoltz out, Junichi Tazawa in. I should have made this comment a week ago.

And your points 1 through 5 to Anonymous, Jere, are a laugh-riot. One ought nevar be so impertinent on another man's blog.
I'm waiting for the FO to pick up Tommy "From Billerica" Glavine.

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