Sunday, August 02, 2009


Three days ago in the sports media:

New York: In complete awe of the Yankees, and their rise to the best record in baseball, fully realizing they've become the dominant team we knew they'd be, plan the parade for this year and next.

Boston: Panic. Everybody's panicking. A big trade must be made not to help the team, but to take people's minds off the fact that the team is dead in the water. Panic.

And three days later, the teams are in a virtual tie. Now what I don't get is why the media portrays all fans as the type who only have memory of the previous 48 hours. There are some fools out there, but a fan of a baseball team knows the season is 162 games long. Why doesn't the media just look back to three days ago, realize they claimed it was one big panic-show, consider how things look today, and say, "Okay, let's ease off on the 'panic' term in the future"?

Panicking in July because your team is in the wild card spot but a few games out of the division lead because of one small bad stretch is like panicking because a droplet of water splashed onto the deck of your yacht. Which is not only stupid, but an insult to all the leaky rowboats (Orioles, Pirates, Nationals) you're cruising past...

Red Sox at Orioles, 1:something, Yanks at Other Sox, 2:something. Buch vs. Berk, Buehrl vs. Bath. Let's jump into first today. If not, PANIC!


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