Monday, August 24, 2009

Sox, Sox, Sox, Sox, And So On, And So On...

I've never really been too offended by long Red Sox games. I wear it like a stinking badge, in fact. "We American Leaguers are up all night, while you NL fans are snug in bed nice and early, visions of double switches dancing, one base at a time, in your heads."

But tonight's game took an eternity! In fact, I'm writing this in the eighth inning, because this game just won't end. I feel like I was ready for bed in the fifth inning, only to see that it wasn't even 9:30 yet.

I swear, it's as if when this game started, Jose Contreras and Octavio Dotel were still in the league!

First there was a game in which we seemed dead, down 4-1 and going nowhere.

Then there was a game in which the White Sox imploded, and we took an insurmountable lead.

Then Buchholz was giving up meaningless home runs that weren't meaningless at all.

Then every guy in our bullpen came in the game.

Then Kim and I were playing netless badminton and it was still light out.

Then I made a Dennis Eckersley magnet and we played with Amazing Larry.

I swear, this all has happened since 7:10. Now I feel like Bard has left the game and re-entered it.

And now it's, well, STILL it's the eighth, and in fact, there are still no outs, but we do lead by five. I'm gonna go ahead and post this now and update because I can't take it anymore.

10:29: Finally we go bottom 8, 12-8 us.

10:37: Pap coming in for the save, still 12-8. Let's see if we can wrap it up in 3.5 hours. You know it feels long when this game is coming right after a Yankee series....

10:52: Win. 7 back. And stupid NESN shows the WC standings without showing the division standings. "Believe in Boston! -- But only to go so far!" Terrible job. But the key is, we finally ended and won this game. We've won 5 of our last 7.

Definitely a peculiar game, one of a series of peculiar games. And for all that the previous eight had dragged, for once Papelbon got on with it.
Apparently it wasn't just me, eh?

I was at the bar listening to my buddies (Big Daddy Love - google them!)and watching the bottiom line thing for a final. I saw the score go by and said something to the effect of "at least the Sox managed to beat the other Sox" and my friend said "well, they're leading anyway".
I was sure the game should have been over but it was only the 7th inning. I got home around 12 and the last comment on JoS had just been made less than 30 minutes before.
Very unusual for a non-Yankees game.
re:previous post - Beckett better get his shit together. People have been citing our starting pitching as the reason we won't be in the playoffs to me, or at least why we won't win a round. I've been saying we'll be fine with just a little improvement from our 4 & 5 guys, (read the return of an effective Wakefield so HH and Taz can be 4&5) and a more consistent offense. But if Beckett, or Lester for that matter, jumps the shark we're in deep shit.
I'm not saying he has. Anybody can have a couple of off games. But it needs to stop at a couple.
Glad to see from Horsham's comment and several on JoS that Bot was on. A return to anything-near-07 form for him would be a big plus.

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