Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sox And Dogs

The Futures doubleheader proved to be a vacation from the reality of the day--Papi's press conference, another loss to the Spanx Undergarments...and this long* summer weekend is still chock-full of things to do, so my comments on all of that and pictures from yesterday will have to wait.

But one little story: I got a classic Yankee fan troll comment that said "just another Red Sox choke" or whatever. I think it's funny that I had a commenter in Dirty Water say the same thing. His team finally chokes to us (in the worst possible way) but then comes right back with the choke talk. Dude, you're so witty and clever that you've already been made into a stereotypical character in a book I wrote two years ago.

I guess they're missing the point. Let's say you lived in that town Charlie Bucket lived in. He was all poor and shit, and barely had enough money to even buy a Wonka bar, making his chance at something good in life even slimmer. But he somehow gets a bar, and it's got the golden ticket inside. Then he goes on to take over the chocolate factory, etc. The next day at school, what if one of the rich kids went up to Charlie and said, "Hey, it's the LOSER with his bad luck and poverty and shit, ha ha ha!"? You see what I'm saying? You don't make fun of someone for the way their life USED TO be.

Unless you're a retarded Yankee fan.

*Rhode Island-only holiday on Monday!

Amen, Jere. Amen.

The Yankee fan douchebaggery is never higher than at times like this.

Keep the Faith.

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