Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sounds Cooler Than "My .3-Something Inches Gun"

On April 4th, I sat at Shea Neux and watched the Red Sox score nine runs in their final exhibition game of 2009....and they haven't scored exactly nine in a game since! Besides the White Sox, who also haven't hit the nine mark, we're the only team to avoid any number under 10 all regular season long, to this point.

You don't get stats like this just anywhere, people.

So guess what? In the first game of the current series, the Red Sox scored six runs. In game two, seven runs. Last night, in game three, an 8-2 win. Today at 1:35, we go for the sweep, but we're also due to score nine! We've scored every total from 0 to 13 (plus a 15, a 16, and an 18) except for nine! I say we do it today. Gotta do it against Verlander, though.

We've also scored as many or more runs than the previous game's total for five straight games. S.W.G.T.G.F.U. W.I.N.

Sadly, this obviously did not come to pass. I think I might have jinxed us by listening at work. On the other hand, our luck might now change because I applied my brand new Red Sox window cling to the rear window of my car AFTER the game finished. There aren't many Red Sox fans in Portland, OR... gotta be loud and proud.

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