Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sorry, America

We know how much you hate watching the champs win. We gave it a shot but they were just too tough for us this time. The only good thing about this "week" was that it was only two games long. But eventually we'll get those guys back, with their sirens and sound effects and scoreboard telling them when to cheer. (Gee, where did a team from the YANKEES' spring training home get those ideas?) I hope people watching that game saw the ninth inning, how much noise the crowd was making, and then realized that there is one place left where the crowd can be that excited and loud--without noisemakers and scoreboard and sound effect cues... But again, we'll take down the A.L. champs in the end, America, don't you worry. Thanks for your support.

2.5 back going into the four game series at the dollhouse.

Worst thing about losing those 2 to the FKR - now we'll only be 1 1/2 up after we leave NY. Would've preferred 3 1/2 :)
Actually, I wouldn't be shocked if we lose 1 this go-round. Skankees are hot and I don't think Smoltzy is where he needs to be yet. Although a little bit of offense could go a long way toward curing his ills.
Skipping Smoltz's next start, and all his starts after that, would also go a long way toward curing his ills.
This team has two big problems at the moment: They still can't score runs on the road, and their 3-4-5 starters are lousy. Now Bay's out for at least the first two games of this series. The VMart trade was solid, but I still would have traded Buchholz in a heartbeat in an Adrian Gonzalez or Felix Hernandez megadeal. This is gonna be a pretty ugly four days...especially tonight and Saturday. Smoltz going tonight in that bandbox is downright frightening.
Doesn't anyone like my Vik-E Mart/Kwik-E Mart nickname?

I woulda kept Masterson but that's just me...

Note: The Yanks haven't faired so well against non-Little League teams this year.

But Smoltz hasn't done well and he's consistently faced LL teams...
Yeah, I guess I pretty much saw that shitshow coming; really a shame since Fat Joba didn't impress me at all. Fortunately, once Melky's moonshot landed, I switched it off and salvaged the evening by finally getting around to watching The Visitor on dvd. Good movie, good call on my part.

Smoltz needs to do the right thing and retire; if not, the Sox need to just DFA him. Time to give Bowden his slot in the rotation. Unfortunately, I don't see Buchholz faring any better on Saturday. Beckett really needs to step up and pitch an absolute gem tomorrow night, or else we're likely looking at a sweep. At least he still inspires confidence. And Lowrie hurt again along w/Bay...
I wouldn't say a sweep would be likely with two games left at all.

We had a shot to come back when Jobber walked the bases. 9-4, bases loaded. Really coulda made it a ballgame. Didn't.

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