Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rice's Milestones Revealed or Not Even Bresciani Thought Of This

Don't you hate it when jealous people use the "no milestones" case against Jim Rice being in the Hall of Fame? These people (read: Yankee fans) think they're so smart with all these stats that fit their argument--yet this milestone thing means nothing. Why? Because they only apply in a base-10 system, which is what we happen to use. Think about it, which two numbers are more similar? 499 and 500, or 401 and 499? Why should the 499 guy be lumped in with the 401 guy when he's nearly identical to the 500 guy? It's like the way we think of 1979 and 1980 as totally different eras when they were really just one year apart.

You can go ahead think of base-10 as the number system, Yankee fans, who just can't get over Rice making it in after 15 freakin' years and still thinking it's some kind of conspiracy theory, but let's take a look at Jim's career numbers in the septenary system:

In exclusive 80*-member 1000 home run club with 1054.

In exclusive 74*-member 4000 RBI club with 4142.

In exclusive 111*-member 10000 hit club with 10102.

Congratulations, Jim. The Time Lords** would be proud of you.

*number of members in each club listed in base-10 for reference

**apparently these Doctor Who characters used base-7, but I had to look that up

I agree completely. I get why people celebrate them as milestones when they pass them, but as a means of evaluating players it makes no sense.

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