Saturday, August 29, 2009

Red SOX Win

Double H! Buchholz was the term formerly known as "on" tonight. (Now that Southwest Airlines and some car company have stolen it from the people after a long run, I just can't use it any more.) He really set the prov. tone with that first batter with one of the all-time knee-bucklers, complete with head duck and backpedal.

It should have been a shutout, but for some reason, Tito took him out with two outs to go, and not only that, didn't choose Papelbon though he was clearly available. After Oka gave up two bullets, we finally brought in Pap to close it out.

Isn't it weird how Clay has twice this year not been able to get a win in games in which we gave him humongous leads, and tonight we kept finding new and exciting ways to strand guys yet he held tight?

Oh, and the guy who made the "catch of the game" in the crowd--Terrible job! Your hat that just said "SOX" on it is a White Sox hat! I can't even see a little kid not realizing that, let alone a guy who appears to be my age. And the guy had a Red Sox shirt so we know he wasn't just a random White Sox fan. (Note: I started noticing this mistake re-emerging a few years ago and did a post on it--and AJM confirmed people had been making the mistake 30 years ago. With the White Sox not using that logo for so long, we had a nice long mistake-proof era, but the old mistake is coming back in a big way.)

Update, 1:00 AM: Here's our boy:

Ha, while writing that, TC said, "as they say, it's on." Come on, TC, didn't I just say we're not allowed to use that anymore? Oh wait, I haven't posted this yet...but now I have.

Bonus Material: Last post from the Extra Bases person tonight:

"Pap seals Buchholz's gem (End of Game, 10:25, 3-0)
Clay Buccholz was so impressive the Fenway fans booed when Terry Francona came out to take him off the hill. Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon came in to finish off the inning and seal the Sox win."

Wait, what? What's that score again? Okajima did what now?

Abe Alvarez once wore a "Sox" cap. It may have been on purpose, though. He was sort of a weirdo.

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