Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...Neither Memorable Nor Moments. Discuss.

Have you seen this sweepstakes on the Red Sox Web site? It mentions the great moments in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. You're supposed to rank them, but that doesn't seem to affect your chance of winning. I don't know what's more ridiculous: the moments they chose, or the picture they used for each one.

The first moment is the Red Sox winning all seven games at home against the Yanks in 1990. Note: This is not even "a moment." The picture? Bill Buckner. Do you know how many Red Sox-Yankees games Bill Buckner appeared in in 1990? None.

The second moment is a Red Sox win over the Yanks in May of 1998, in which they scored 11 runs in an inning. The picture is of Nomar turning a double play. They got the right game, but it's not even an offensive moment.

The third moment is again not a moment, but two blowout wins over the Yanks in 2005. And they got the picture right. However, you're probably noticing these moments are hardly the most memorable ones. Surely 2004 highlights are on the way, right?

Nope. The fourth moment: The three-game sweep in The Bronx earlier this season. The picture? Mike a home uniform.

The final moment is, for the fourth time in five moments, not actually a moment, but a series of games. This time it's some meaningless contests in 1984 and 1985. A seven-game win-streak, with three home wins and four road wins. The picture: But of course, a wide shot of Yankee Stadium!

Why even do this? How about "type in your name and address and we'll let you know if you won," with a Red Sox logo slapped on the page, and call it a day?

I actually finished this post yesterday but forgot to post it, but just now I was at and I saw a different "rivalry sweepstakes" by a completely different company, and look: they do it the way I suggested! Ha.

Note: I have no connection to these companies or their contests--in fact, I wouldn't link to them at all if it weren't key to the reader getting my point. But I guess if you enter, good luck and all that.

Never mind that the 3 game sweep of the Yanks in April was at Fenway, not in New York. They only played a 2-game series in Yankee Stadium in May.
That's right--I went to every game! Such a terrible job by that sweepstakes.
Wow. I think that sweepstakes was constructed by someone who has no knowledge of the sox, the yankees, or baseball in general. "Nothing can match the sheer excitement of that time the game was blowout in the 2nd inning!" Ugh.

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