Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Taz gets his first major league win. You tackles pitcher. Lowell fills in with a double-dong. Tito throws gum and is thrown. Bay appears to be back-ish. Eck flip-flops. Pedroia reaches last year's GIDP total in early August. Drew continues to float through life. 7-5 us in rain-delayed contest.

Yanks won, but the good things were Joba having proba, and Mo giving up a Ho. So we're still 5.5 back.

About the Josh Hamilton thing: I'm totally happy those pictures came out. This guy was heralded as some kind of hero for getting over drug addiction. He could have refused interviews. He could have said "it's no big deal." But noooo, he had to tell us all how god got him back on track and yadda yadda yadda. Then he goes out and not only has a "setback," but also cheats* on his wife, all in public! But not only that, he doesn't come out and admit it until eight months later when the pictures he was posing for while doing it are posted on the Web! I wonder how many times he gave his bullshit story between the time the "event" (yeah, like it was just that one time...) happened and the other day, when the public found out about it. This piece of sludge deserves everything he gets. If his wife had any spine at all, she'd leave him and his god and his problems to the next money-hungry bimbo, or better yet, the kind of trash he hangs out with at the whipped cream bar.

I just love it when these holier-than-Chan types get caught doing the exact thing they publicly go against.

*Jere's definition of cheating: what Hamilton did, for starters. By the way, what was his excuse for that part of it? He can claim relapse on the alcohol thing, but is the wife really thinking that his need to have girls eat whipped cream off of his body is part of the "disease"?

New reader! (And I was thrilled at the crazy coincidence that I JUST bought your book today, and then randomly found your blog a couple of hours later! Serendipity, I think.) Anyway, hello from Portland, Oregon. I like your summation of the game last night. I'm at work and trying to sneak in a listen to the game right now. Here's hoping for another win.
Welcome aboard! The initials sound familiar--did you used to post on Joy of Sox?

Hope you like the book...
I can't wait to read the book! I'm sure I'll gush about it as I go. :) Is there another in the works?

And no, I am not the same KKB from Joy of Sox. :)
We're still trying to get the paperback out before we do another book. But I will give any updates here.....
Wow Jere that is quite a strong reaction to another human being that you don't know at all.

You might think that he has supported the hero line, but that is a media invention he had very little control over - he is a drug addict, nothing more, nothing less. I don't particularly understand the unfailing positive glow he has been portrayed in either, but to wallow in his failure seems unlike you?

And to say his wife has no spine is unbelievably harsh - we have no idea what type of relationship they have, what type of suffering she has endured (or caused) - what about a little humanity?
There's something disgusting to me about the way some religious people (not all, and of course some non-religious people are like this too) loudly talk about how great their "way" is, only to be outed as someone who does exactly the opposite of what they preach. And when that happens, I laugh at them and think they deserve what they get.

The worst part is how he was gonna keep this a secret, meaning he would have gone on lying to people telling them he was better.

Humanity? Look what this guy's doing to himself, his wife, his kids, his fans.

You're right, we don't know about his relationship with his wife. But I have a right to make fun of any person, male or female, who stays with their partner after witnessing what she did. To stay with someone who has a problem is noble, but you have to draw the line way before where she must draw it. Well, you don't have to, but if you do, I'm gonna rip you for it.

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