Monday, August 17, 2009


I have a Statcounter which I haven't checked for months...until tonight. And I saw that last Wednesday and Thursday alone, I got tens of thousands of hits on my blog. I'm not big on talking about this stuff, but I will say that that's WAY more than I usually get. Statcounter shows me where my recent hits are from, but it doesn't go back to last week. Does anyone know if and/or why I was linked on some popular site or something? It's not like I can do anything about it at this point...or...even when it happened...but I'm curious. Anybody?

Hi Jere. I can't tell you who linked to your site but wow! My statcounter with embeded template is deadly accurate...we probably have the same type Of course, I don't have those kind of numbers.

Keep up the good work. Maybe the Sox will, too. Maybe, hopefully. Youk can only help and Josh goes tonight. Crooked numbers, please.
Jere -
Can't help you w/ that but you should install Google Analytics - you can track your stats for at least a year going back, if not more.
obviously it will only begin when you insert the code, so it can't get stats from the past, but it will help you figure this sort of thing out in the future.

Here is a post explaining how to get Google Analytics into your blogger blog.
Thanks--I just don't really check this stuff in general, though. Statcounter (and before that Sitemeter in like '04) can be really fun and addicting at first, but I got to the point where I just don't care that much anymore. But Statcounter does give me total hits since I started using it years ago--I was surprised it was still keeping count since I hadn't been to it in so long!
right - you don't check this stuff in general, but this traffic spike was neither general nor predictable. next time you can satisfy your curiosity and find out some details

the analytics code is free and simple

just sayin
I'll think about it....
Go to
and plug in your URL - it will give you a list of sites that linked to you. Maybe your answer is in there.
Thanks. I just got a comment on this old post--so it could've been someone linking to that old pic:

But I also saw on StatCounter that several people clicked on my Al Smith post--he was in that classic beer-dump pic, and I know someone got beer dumped on them recently, so maybe some site linked to the Al Smith thing on my blog or something.
"I know someone got beer dumped on them recently"

It was Shane Victorino at the Phillies/Cubs game I went to last week started by Pedro. I had a perfect view of it, and I immediately thought "Al Smith, '59 World Series". Other side of Chicago though.
I totally missed it, just saw the sign at te Sunday Texas game that said "we don't spill beer in Texas" or whatever and then Don mentioned it, but I didn't get why Texas fans specifically would care, and I still haven't seen the highlight.

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