Friday, August 28, 2009

GGG All In Update

The other night in the eighth inning I started a scorecard to track the GGG game I invented. I just started with the batter who was up at the time (I realize Thome doesn't bat leadoff--and then Jacoby happened to be leading off the bottom of the eighth.) and kept track of the first thing the ball hit. I realized that playing on TV is hard because you can't tell where ground balls hit. I also think strikeouts can't count as "glove" because then there'd be way too many gloves. So maybe Ks, BBs, HRs, and HBPs could be automatic gain/loss of a point or whatever. It really depends how you set the game up. Or you could have each person choose a G each inning, while the fourth person scores or loses on HRs and Ks and BBs. I still need to tweak this...

Oh and for the symbols: Grass is blades of grass, Glove is that old Brewers logo, or however you draw a glove, and Ground is a diamond, because in every successful game, there's always something that only vaguely makes sense, but is accepted as the way it is.

So let's see...we had ten batters, and there were two Gloves, and two either Grass or Grounds. And a bunch of Ks and a homer. I'll have to do a full game to get a better sense of how often each thing occurs.


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