Monday, August 10, 2009

Futures Teaser

I'm not around today, since it's a Rhode Island holiday. Apparently V-J day still requires a day off here. I've set this to post ahead of time. So if you've commented, I'll approve it when I get home. (Unless you're doing it anonymously, are banned already, or are a Yankee fan troll-type typing in all caps.)

Here are just a few pics from the Futures doubleheader on Saturday:

This was our view. Twenty bucks. Not a bad deal. The Portland SeaDogs take the field in game one.

The first two guys in the Portland lineup were named Ryan K. Here, Khoury dives back into first.

In game two, the opposing team's coach was Gary Allenson, former Red Sox catcher. My mom had just asked me to make a magnet of him, and I presented it to her before the game at my house. Little did we know we'd be seeing "Muggsy" a few hours later!

That night, we went to another WaterFire in Providence. I took a couple o' fartsy flame-reflection shots. The second one reminds me of the beginning of Splash...


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