Friday, August 14, 2009

For All The Cows

Here's what I don't get about the Michael Vick thing: All these football fans are so outraged about what he did to animals. "I don't want that animal torturer on my team!" "He should go to jail for life!" So you don't want a guy playing football because of the way he treated dogs, but...


"We wouldn't want to have an animal torturer playing our game where we throw around an animal-skin ball while wearing animal-skin shoes! That's preposterous!" said the football fan during his chicken dinner.

What's worse? Making one set of animals fight each other, or killing a different set of animals for the purpose of tossing it around for a fun game? Am I correct in thinking that if this guy had arranged cow fights, no one would even blink?

love it. LOVE IT YO.
One injustice doesn't justify the other. And it's not just football fans who were outraged by Vick, it was anybody who's sensitive to suffering. What Vick did was despicable. It took a sociopathic disregard for the suffering of another living creature to house that dog-fighting ring -- a particularly vicious one at that.

Let Vick play ball again, most people don't care. But don't pretend that what he did wasn't absolutely deplorable, or that two years in prison fundamentally changed him as a person. He was indifferent to suffering going into prison, and he's indifferent to suffering now.

People with that kind of tolerance of cruelty are among the lowest rung in our society.
Talk about missing the point!

I'm with you, what he did was horrible. But for people who regularly eat meat and have no problem with the fact that the very sport he plays contributes to the slaughter of animals is kinda hypocritical. Get it?

I"m saying that all I hear is people acting so holier-than-Vick, but they eat other less-cute animals, while not wanting him to be allowed to play football, when a football is a freakin' cow!
It's almost like you thought I was saying, "Hey, it's okay to kill and torture animals because look, we do it already!"

I'm the left-wing, vegetarian, animal-loving commie Sox fan if you didn't know....
To paraphrase Chris Rock: "if a black man kills a dog, they send him to prison. If a white woman kills a moose, they make her run for vice-president"
It's funny cuz it's true.....
Good grief. Imagine my disappointment at discovering this post was not about the Foo Fighters...
I agree with the irony, to a degree but there is a huge difference between the typical lazy person who passively consumes animal products and the person who will take an animal by the hand to kill or torture it.

I still hate the passive animal consumer...
But what if you lived next door to Michael Vick and he came over and fed you dog dinners every night? And you passively, lazily ate it?

It's no different to me than companies committing mass slaughter of (a less-cute) animal for the benefit of humans' taste buds, and then people eating those.

Either way the consumer isn't doing the killing, but they're taking part in the process and allowing it to continue.

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