Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Extra Flavor For That Extra-Long Game

Update, 12:07 AM: A-Rod Junior ends it with a dong in the 13th. The dirty Yankee fans with cowbells and turquoise shirts are happy. Fuck it. G'night. Try again tomorrow.

So we go to the 13th inning. What a ridiculous night. So far. I've asked "why" so many times. Why was Dustin not trying to hit the ball in the air? Why wasn't Youk trying to move the runner over? Why would you walk Gabe Kapler on four pitches? But we've gotten out of two bases-loaded, no outs, winning run on third jams. And the game goes on...I'll update this when it's over, but for now I'll leave you with what I wrote back when the Yanks won, which was around the seventh inning of this game. Note: I was really pissed at the time:

Mariano faced seven batters, and gave up a hit to three of them, including a two-run double, with a deep fly ball as one of the outs. But his ERA goes down and the Floor-lickers squeeze by with a win. A win aided by a play in which two Blue Jays dropped a ball costing them an out...on the same play. So come on, Yanks, let's play four. We're way better than you and your three new trillionaires.


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