Thursday, August 20, 2009


A road sweep. Nice. Gotta give credit to Mr. Gray Area on his 4-4, two-dong night. Who need the Vic-E Mart? We doooo. That guy's rippin' it proverbially up at the plate. A-Gon being back in our infield is so key, as we knew it would be. We're 6.5 back going into the Yanks series. I want to destroy them, as you might have guessed.

This morning I was thinking about two of my favorite things I write about:

1. How much I hate "it is what it is," and my little joke that goes, "Everything is what it is. You don't need to tell me that. If something is what it isn't, or isn't what it is, by all means, tell me. That's something I'd be interested in. But there's no point in answering every question with 'it is what it is'."


2. How much Yankee fans ignore the bad and only remember the good, and how at this point they revel in things far less than world championships since they don't really get those anymore.

And it all came together! The entire Yankees organization, in the minds of its fans....

is what it isn't.

I wouldn't be surprised if a Yankee fan wore a shirt listing the championships:

2001 (come on, there were no losers that year)
2002 (essentially)
2003 (got there, at least!)
2004 (well I definitely don't remember what happened so I'll assume we won)
that time we tied for the division title in 2005 and got won the tie-breaker
that stretch in August 2006
that stretch in August 2009 when we were SURE, yet AGAIN, we were going all the way...

Class. Tradition. Ifs. The New York Yankees.

They are what they aren't.

1. Thank you. It bugs the crap out of me, too. I would prefer someone not say anything; just stare at the reporter/camera. It goes hand-in-hand with predicting the future - what will be, will be.
Did you know Youk getting hit by pitches is Youk getting hit by pitches? Thanks, Youk!

That's just the latest example, but anything that happens in the world now, someone is asked about it and informs us all that it is what it is.

Search my archives for more anti-IIWII talk.

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