Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enos Breath

Like I've said, I'm pretty much avoiding the Internet while the game is on these days, and pretty much avoiding the Boston sports media in general, but I did check in with Extra Bases after the eighth, only to see Adam Kilgore's headline "Looking Bad." I'm just so sick of these people. They can watch Friday night's amazing ninth-inning comeback, and then two days later see that we're down by one with one inning left with the top of the order coming up and think the game's over. (I also hear the "it's not looking good" line from other fans a lot earlier in games than that. Nothing is worse than the guy who said "the Red Sox will have trouble hitting this season, mark my words." He said this after the first guy got out in the first exhibition game against a college team in February! When is this attitude gonna get flushed outta town? Apparently World Series titles complete with historic comebacks just aren't enough.)

So I fully blame Kilgore for today's loss.

Today, Don Orsillo said his dad caught him an Enos Cabell foul liner down the third base line at Fenway when Cabell was on the Tigers. Of course, I tried to figure out which game it was. Enos played in three series as a Tiger at Fenway in '82 and '83. The first two were weeknight series, each including a post-8:00 Monday Night Baseball game. Even though they were in June, I'm guessing it's more likely the senior Orsillo would've chosen a weekend game. That leaves the September '83 series. I'll just go out on a limb and say it was the Saturday game--Eck against Morris--over the Sunday one--one of Oil Can Boyd's earliest starts. Neither game showed me that Cabell was hitting the ball consistently to the left side, neither had a much higher attendance number.....okay, I'm done. That ball very well could have been pitched by (one of his) booth-mates, Dennis Eckersley.

Update: Yanks lose 10-3.

jere - i dont think kilgore was throwing in the towel w/ that headline...he was being 'witty'

"Anderson looked at strike three, low and away, on a 3-2 pitch. Gonzalez also looked at strike three, over the outside corner."

Looking bad
I gueeess so.... but my post still applies in general.
maybe – but you can't blame Kilgore for the loss even if your point stands in general, as i think you misdiagnosed this situation doc
Killed! Gored! Kilgored!

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