Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Word For Thesaurus


There we were, hangin' out at the beach on our one-day vacation, and a car pulls up and parks right in front of where I was standing. I saw a flash of frizzy hair and beard and a stiff cap, and I thought, "that almost has to be Steven Wright." And then Steven Wright got out of the car. I chickened out, but Kim went for it, asking if she could take my picture with him. We just really hoped we weren't bothering the guy, and made sure to let him know that, along with the fact that we're big fans. After the picture, he looks at Kim and says, in the same way he says everything else, "you want one, too"? So she got one, too. We thanked him and he drove off. If you're young or something, and don't know who I'm talking about, Google him. I think the guy's hilarious. I wish he had more albums out. I'd buy them all in triplicate just to help his sales.

Then we got home and saw the happy endings of both the Sox and Yanks games. We're back to 5.5 back.

Bonus pic I took in East Haven, CT, on Sunday:

Nice! I remember that guy from Mad About You...was he ever on Dr. Katz too? He makes me think of Dr. Katz for some reason. But anyway, that fishing store is amaaaaazing. Well done.
Clever name for the bait shop.
Way,way cool!
I adore Wright, as did my dearly beloved. Every single time she heard anyone say "it's a small world" she responded, without even thinking, "but I wouldn't want to paint it".
From the 1st show we ever saw by him. It was almost a trademark thing for her.
"I got up last week, and everything in my apartment had been STOLEN!.....and replaced with exact duplicates"
In a similar vein, I'll never forget sitting on the subway 1 morning in NYC and John Collum (I think that's the right spelling) gets on at a stop and sits down right across from me. He was Holling on Northern Exposure. I was so freaking torn as to whether I should tell him how much I, and my wife, loved Northern Exposure. This was just a yr or 2 after it ended. But he was reading a playbook when he got on and seemed in study, so I left it be. A couple of stops later he put the book down and made ready to leave. As he stood up he said hi, to me! I just told him quickly that I missed the show greatly and hoped he was doing well. Turns out he was on his way to an audition reading and he thanked me for letting him study. Said he could tell I recognized him and wanted to talk, but he needed to go over lines. Then he ducked out just as the door shut. Cathy just went ape that she wasn't there.
5.5 now!
One Day at a Time!
Great pic, Jere. Steven Wright comes into Professor Thom's when he's in NY. Really good guy. He was sitting right near me during Trivia Night and asked me about some of the questions.
Jere, that is absolutely awesome. Great photo! I remember the first time I saw Steven Wright on Carson, way back in the 80's. He had me when he deadpanned this story:

"Someone asked me the other day how I feel. I said, you know when you lean back far on your chair, up on two legs, and then the chair starts to fall, and you lurch forward and catch yourself just in time? [Long pause] Well, I feel like that all the time."
That's always the first thing I think of too! I would've used it for the post title, but it's a little wordy...

Anthony, yes, he was on Katz. That show ruled....
One of my favorites: One time the power went out in my house, I had no lights. Fortunately my camera had a flash. I went to make a peanut butter sandwich and took 60 pictures of my kitchen. My neighbors called the police. They thought it was lightning in my house.

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