Saturday, August 29, 2009

Am I Right?

Okay, so the Jimmy Fund tele/radio-thon went on these last two days. And attention ended up getting split (rightfully) between that and the death of Ted Kennedy. Between that and the bad economy, the Jimmy Fund got less than the target amount. Can I just say something? How is it that somebody somewhere didn't tell all the people who wanted to give something on behalf of Ted Kennedy to consider sending donations not just to his education fund, but to the Jimmy Fund?

It's not like some random famous person died and I'm selfishly saying, "Hey, have everyone give to my team's charity--the timing's perfect!" It's Ted Kennedy. It actually is perfect--a charity so close to him is having their annual -thon, he dies right then, and everyone in the world knows about it...what a chance this was for the Jimmy Fund!

I mean, it's hard to bring stuff like this up when you're talking about people dying and kids with cancer--you don't want to be seen as some seedy head of a company rubbing his hands together and going, "We can parlay this into a huge score, mwahahaha!" But come on, it's for the ultimate in good causes. Someone in charge should have noticed this.

(And if they did and I missed it, or if there's some reason the Jimmy Fund and Kennedys purposely wait till after the -thon is over to bring this up because it means they'll get even more donations or something, I apologize. Just tryin' to help....)


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