Sunday, August 02, 2009

18 & Sweep

On behalf of all of us who spent our childhood holding a wad of Kleenex up against our nostrils and woke up with a pool of blood on our pillow, congratulations to Josh Reddick for hitting his first major league homer...with a bloody nose!

Rojo Richie also joins the ranks of Beckett and Bay in the "crooked sleeve socks" club. Not only is Josh's logo rotated about 30 degrees to the left, it's also off to the left, not centered on the Majestic logo:

So we win 18-10, and the Yanks also win. A half-game back, and off-days for both teams tomorrow. We go to Tampa, where the Satan Raze are 5.5 behind us.

Youk is on fire. I was told before the season by a Yankee fan that last year was a career year for him, and that he wouldn't repeat it. Whoops! I'll have to post that full comment soon, it's hilarious. Victor "Vik-E Mart" Martinez was 4 for 5. Ellsbury batted in 7 of the 9 innings.

So what's this "Comcast Town" on Yawkey Way? Do me a favor, if you go there, pester them on behalf of Fairfield County, and I'll do the same next time I'm up there. If they're so proud of being associated with the Sox, they should push MLB to get NESN in ALL of New England.

One final tribute to Justin Masterson: Check out my gallery from his debut game last April. You have to scroll way down to the shots of him in pre-game, but make sure you click to enlarge as I got some good close-ups.

Oh, and I finally stopped getting nosebleeds. I feel like it's been at least a decade...

I think V-Mart went 5 for 6 - four singles, a double, and a lineout (in the first inning).

Totally agree on Youkilis - I think he's coming around after a just a fair-to-middlin' July.
yes, 5 for 6. Thanks.

"The Vik-E Mart is real...d'oh!"

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