Friday, July 03, 2009

Yanks Lose And Other Stuff

Aardsma closes it out for the Ms, and the Yanks lose 8-4. CC gave up six runs on 10 hits in 5.2. So we're 3 up heading into the weekend. The King vs. the Knuckler Friday night.

Did you hear that thunder this morning? It could have been the loudest I've heard since that game at Camden Yards when Bellhorn and Nomar got scared to death and I thought the scoreboard was falling down behind me. This morning sounded like what I think a shotgun blast to the ear would sound like. It just seems to rain without end. I like rain, but I also like variety, so get your head outta your ass, Mother Nature.

I'll be on Comcast SportsNet's "The Baseball Show" this Saturday at...oh wait, that's not me, that's every other Red Sox blogger. Oh well.

Mighty Quinn (who actually has been on that show) reminded me of the July 4th Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi. For some reason, I never think of this one--just the New Year's one. This summer I've come prepared with a little help from a friend. Thanks, Quinn!

Hey, Nomar returns to Fenway Monday night. Be there! Also, his brother Michael is still in the minors. It would be cool if he could finally see the bigs. He got a game-winning hit tonight for Huntsville....

That was Todd Walker, not Bellhorn. (You know that, you were there, weren't you?) I was just talking about that earlier this week.

I can't believe you managed to snap me and my buddy Beth in DC, by the way! We had rather sweet seats. Not sure I see that happening again in my lifetime. Incidental note: the roadies for the guy who screwed up the anthem were standing in front of us beforehand making fun of Boston fans (collectively, not us). I'd like to blame them for the debacle, but I think they were just there to carry stuff.
Yes, Walker! That's what I meant...

Haha, that's perfect those Yankee fans (that's what I call people who ri on Red Sox fans, because that's what they are) were possibly responsible for the major screw up.
Hello to you, Jere. Happy and healthy thunderous 4th of July weekend to you both. It's as dark as night right now at noonish and I'm going to turn off the computer just in case of inside bolts.

I have all the Twilight Zones (Rod Serling) in a HUGE boxed set and they're fabulous.

As always, be well. See you. Go many three game series be continued over the summer. Constantly.
Thanks for the weather update from the west...we're just starting to get drops and rumbles here now at 1:11...

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