Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wake Down And Smell The Clay

Buchholz is back in the rotation. That's because we just put Wake on the disabled list.

Beckett tonight deep in the heart, and the Yanks are throwing a guy you don't know, so I vote we move back into first place by ourselves this evening.

[Update 10:53: I'm not able to comment on any blogger blogs. Not even my own. Hopefully others aren't experiencing this. But as for AJM's comment, I just want to say, "I vote for" just means that's what I want to happen, not what I think will happen. Even though in this case I did think it wold happen. But just to clarify.]

Um, yeah, not one of your better predictions there.

And I did know who Sergio Mitre is, since he had a cup of coffee on my roto team a couple years ago. He sucks, but what you neglected to keep in mind is that the Orioles really, really suck, and that the Yanks usually manage to score just enough runs in their little bandbox.

And at the risk of being labelled a Negative Fan, it's still pretty clear to me with this offense looking horrible on the road that the Sox need to trade for another big bat. I really hope Theo and his bosses agree with me by next week.
And just like that, Theo responds to me by trading for Adam LaRoche...yet another guy I owned in roto a couple years ago. Good, low-cost first move to spot Lowell, but I want another bat too.

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