Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Two Outta Three

Pap threw one hittable 0-2 pitch to Hairston, and then follows it up with an even more hittable one. And the guy hits a near-dong that the cameraman fooled us on. NESN has a responsibility to show us the whole play. That includes the fielder, not just the ball and the sky. But again Papelbon gets out of it and we win 5-4. I still can't believe O-Cab, as the tying run, didn't get to second on his hit to right field. Nice mega-dongs by Drew and Papi tonight.

You know what else I don't like? This is isn't exclusive to NESN, but sometimes the broadcast will have specific spots for promos, and if a great play happens right before one, we don't get to see a replay. Can't they audible on that? Example from tonight: A pop up to the left side where the shortstop started almost on the outfield grass, and by the time it landed, it was the third baseman catching it on the infield grass. But we didn't get a replay because they had to cut to a promo. I hate how in this sport with 17 ninety-second breaks built into it, they have to add commercials during the action. It's bad enough that the between-inning time isn't allowed to be used to talk about the game or show stats or replays or interviews. But then they have to put more ads between pitches. And interviews which networks feel require a split screen during pitches. Call this long time fan crazy, but I wish "the game" involved much more of, you know, the game.

Wake's knucklers were like Frisbees tonight. I think we've finally figured out the perfect weather conditions for the knuckleball.

I was a little mad at Nick Green for not only missing the bag on that possible double play, but for not thinking to tag the guy either after he missed it or at the same time as a precaution. Was a bang-squared play, though. But then he went and Lugo'd the next ball. I was a little nervous when Dustin threw to him to end that inning...

I don't like when fielders give up on a tag play. Lugo's big on this. Pedroia does it sometimes, too. Like when the runner slides in, they make the tag, the guy's safe, but then they pull the glove away, not realizing that the runner went past the bag, and if they'd just held the glove there, the guy would have been out. I thought Dustin did it tonight, holding up the glove to show the ump the ball only to have the runner slide past the base. Eck did, too. But the replay showed he really had no chance to hold the glove there because of momentum and the way the runner was way on the other side of the bag.

Heard another media robot trying to still act like he was right by saying, "well, if Nomar had come back in '05, it would've been a different story." As a fan, and as someone who has been proven right on this issue, I'd like to respond to that guy (Pete Shepherd) by saying he's wrong yet again. If Nomar had been there for the ring ceremony in April 2005, the ovation would have been the same as it was Monday. I know you bitter media assholes hate Nomar, but 99% of the fans have always loved him. This is their way of trying to look good after being so wrong--"oh, well, sure, time has passed, that's why they're cheering...." Nope, you're all just simply wrong. You hate the guys we love and we hate you.

KC comes in for four. We pull a Yankees and miss Greinke.

Yanks up one in the 8th. Will update here. Update: Eff those bastids. We remain one up.

you can blame tivo for the in-game ads.

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