Wednesday, July 01, 2009

That's Why Baseball's The Greatest Game. Suzyn.

Amazing! Remember that Twilight Zone where the guy flips a coin that lands on its edge, and from that point on he can read people's minds? Until that coin falls over, and then everything goes back to normal?

It's as if someone flipped the awesome switch to shitty last night in the middle of the game, and for no apparent reason switched it back during today's game.

After being shut down for eight innings by some guy I've never heard of, the Red Sox score 4 in the ninth to tie it at 5. The tying hit (Roccoooo!) coming with two outs.

Then in the 11th, Ellsbury doubles, gets to third on a fly ball in which Markakis really could have thrown him out, and scores on a single by...freakin' Lugo! And Pap gets three outs, and all is right with the world again. The bullpen, so horrid last night, retire the last 20-something batters today. Holy shit. A nine-run comeback by them last night, a four-run comeback in one inning by us today. Whew....

The Canada Day Miracle! Just like the MDM, the O's take a guy out late in the game, and the whole game changes. My lord.

Yanks play two games before we play our next one, so we'll be 2, 3, or 4 up going into the weekend series at Fenway with the Ms.


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