Sunday, July 26, 2009

Storm Off In A HoF

Freakin' Smoltz, man. Tito still has faith in him. I'm still waiting to show me he still should be in the majors. So we're back to 2.5 out.

All that anticipation for Rickey's speech, and Rice outdoes him. Cool to hear the Let's Go Red Sox as he stepped to the mic. Terrible job by Selig reading Jim's plaque: getting his years wrong, and then saying he had "eight RBI seasons." I'm assuming he left out the "100." My favorite part of the day was the big ovation for Yaz.

Hey kids! Why not celebrate Jim Rice's induction with a dual-sided Jim Rice baseball card magnet?

I joined the game in progress, with the Red Sox trailing five-nil. Smoltz on the mound - struggling away, and then I check his ERA. It's over 7.00. The first words I blurted out were, "What is this man doing in the major leagues?"

Tito's an odd duck with the pitchers, by times.
So here's an interesting development...apparently the Yanks are on the verge of trading for Bronson Arroyo to be their 5th starter.
Well, for now, the source is FanHouse. So that could mean anything.
Yeah, Pete Abraham is saying tonight that the Yanks are flat out denying it, but ESPN was saying the Reds are probably shopping Bronson. I'm sure Ca$hman is considering this as one of their options; they're definitely in the market for another starter.

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