Saturday, July 04, 2009

Silver Platter

If you're a reliever and you enter a tie game in the ninth and you walk the first man, you should be sent to a dungeon below the clubhouse. That would stop the walks. And you'd NEVER see THREE walks in the inning, as Saito just did. Why don't you just walk off the field and forfeit the game? Boooooooooo! Unacceptable.

Perhaps the Sox pitchers couldn't stop giggling at Varitek's protector. It was FAAA-Bulous.

Oh, and hitting would be good.
I'm a huge fan of Francona, but I don't understand *what* he's doing recently.

First yanking Papelbon last night, when he was pitching great, to put in Ramirez.

Now, pulling Okajima, who was terrific, to replace with Saito.

It's always seemed to me a recipe for disaster to bring in as many pitchers as possible, as it maximizes the chances that you'll get one who's having an off night (ie. Ramirez last night, Saito today).

And to have Saito walk 3 in a row is just absurd.

Yanks win in 12, so we're 1 GD game up.
//Oh, and hitting would be good.//

Don't win many games on four hits.
First yanking Papelbon last night, when he was pitching great, to put in Ramirez.

When Papelbon is fresh in mid-October, you won't give a shit about a game in early July.
Saito's performance was awful and inexcusable, and Tito's bullpen usage has been questionable for the past two days, but the biggest issue has been the lack of offense. With Bay in an awful slump now for several weeks, Pedroia having a mediocre year with lousy power numbers, Papi better but still not close to what he used to be, and Lowell on the DL, this lineup is pretty anemic these days. Pretty clear that Theo needs to trade for another bat...Nick Johnson would still fit the bill.

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