Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red Sox Win, Papi Loses

I'll always remember this day. The complete series of The State on DVD arrived at my door!

But also, Papi was officially outed as being on the famous drug list of '03. We'll see what he has to say beyond this statement.

What I really want to know is: Who will be the first guy to come out and say "I did it" before getting caught?

We're 3 back after the win today, awaiting the Yanks-White Sox outcome tonight. (Kotsay is leading off for Chicago.)

Update, 12:something AM: Yanks lose a walk-off. It's back to 2.5.

I see you got your answer, with Bronson outing himself, sort of..
I did hear that today! Leave it to Bronson....
Unrelated, breaking news, Jere: I see the Sox have dealt Masterson and two others to Cleveland for Victor Martinez, and Adam LaRoche (alas, Adam, we hardly knew ye!) is bound for Atlanta.

What thinkest thou, sir?

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