Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Red Sox Anti-Anti-Anti-Lose

Sox win 5-2 behind Beckett. Yanks up by 9 as I write, so it looks like we'll still be one game up. (Not that I'm giving up on a possible choke job by those guys....)

Stuff: Youk's been pretty unlucky lately, hitting deep flies that are caught, etc.

Eck continues to entertain, with his moss and cheese and hair and salad. Sean Casey was fun, too, this past weekend with his own lingo. I predicted Casey would work for the Sox in some way! Granted, this was a fill-in job, but I can still take credit. Oh, and Eck, if you're gonna bring up the loud cheer we gave Mariano Rivera in '05, make sure you let the fans know we were being facetious. He's a respectable dude, and one day, in his last Fenway game, we may cheer him for real, but that time in '05 had nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the fact that he blows so many games against us. I was there. (And I worried then this would become confusing over time, and my deepest, darkest fears may be coming true!)

Speaking of my fine prediction skills, why haven't I been bragging about the silent death of Wild Thing as (one of) Pap's songs. I've written about the evolution of his entrance, but as Wild Thing disappeared, I forgot to give an "I told you so" about the fact that Wild Thing, while a good song, just isn't right for a closer's entrance. Sure enough, he phased in a perfect one, which is now the only one. Nice job, whoever's in charge of that.

Remember when John Henry said how maybe the Sox and Yanks would "collaborate" on something in the "future"? Do you think he could have meant the high school all-star game between Yanks and Sox prospects at Fenway? (Or whatever it is. It's something like that, and I think they want to make it an annual event, going back and forth between the two teams' parks. For more info, Google!) (Actually, I just tried looking, and I can't find anything about it now...)

When Ellsbury runs, he reminds me of Superman running faster than the train. I look at his legs and think, "that's so fake...."

I listened to the FAN today, and there was much complaining by Yankee people about umpiring. They're acting like they're the first team to ever be screwed by the "the ball beat him" call by an ump. And because of it, rules must be changed, heads must roll! Baseball just isn't right unless the Yankees get all the advantages.


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