Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pedroia To Skip All-Star Game

Dustin Pedroia will stay in Boston to be with his wife over the all-star break. I know Kelli is expecting--hopefully everything goes well.

So get ready for everyone claiming he just doesn't want to play and that "his grandmother died again"--oh wait, Dustin's a white man who doesn't have weird hair or dress funny....

Frankly, I'd like to see Youks, Paps, Beckett and Bay skip this game too; an All-Star Game in St.Louis carries no meaning for me, and I'd rather see these guys get four days of rest for the real games in the 2nd half. Only Sox player I want in the game at all is Wake, and that's solely because of what it means for him.

And no, I don't care about the 'fighting for home-field in the WS' angle at all.
Yeah, I'm glad Dustin got the nod, but is guaranteed not to get hurt now. Beckett shouldn't pitch much since he pitched 9 today.
It sounds like Tito had to talk him into bowing out. I think the organization would prefer the players rest over the break, especially after the WBC debacle, and Kelli's complications give them a great excuse to pull Pedey. Also I read that Tito was not allowed to miss playing time when his own child was born (years ago) and is not likely to let that kind of history repeat itself under his own watch... But in general, I think they would put the pressure on any player but Wakefield to ditch this silly game if they had an excuse.

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