Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Latest Creative Outlet

I've been making these awesome double-sided magnets out of baseball cards. I have an Etsy shop set up. Click here to take a look.

The deal is that I'll customize it for you--pick any two cards. [Clarification: I will supply the cards, though you are welcome to send your own, but they will be quite literally defaced.] The entire face of each card will stick to your fridge. I will post the ones I've already made (I have one up there, a Greenwell/Spike Owen), but it's more fun for you to tell me what you want. You could do your two favorite players, or one guy young and old, or two players with funny facial hair from the '70s, or even just the front and back (the stats) of the same card. Email me at Two2067 at aol.com and let me know what you want, or do it through the Etsy site linked above.

Bonus: Before even promoting this in any way, someone found my little store and placed an order! She wanted a Greenwell/Barrett, which I sent out today....

I love the face that you are on etsy. I just do.

Did you know it's been a year since we've since you and Kim? I thought of that yesterday and was all 'wah wah' about it.

Oh, and join facebook so when I sell out to it soon-ish that I can bother you on there.

Damn Anthony joining facebook...
I love the face that your typo created such a funny sentence.

A year? No way.....

Facebook? NO WAY.
Ha-ha. Why no facebook for you?
I'm way into the magnets! I'm off to L.A. but when I return I'll email you and send you the baseball cards that I have.
Cool--you can do it that way, but I should have made it clearer in this post that I can get whatever cards you want (if I don't have them already). But hey, this gives me an excuse to do a new post about it to clarify that...
Oh, and as for facebook, see the new post I did about it....

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