Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Ex-Boss' Third Cousin Is Getting His Car Simonized At Six

A real-life friend of mine in comments asked me why I don't do Facebook. I'll answer here.

If you told me there was a place where I could meet up with all the ex-coworkers, ex-girlfriends, and ex-classmates I ever had, and as a bonus, all of their friends, I'd ask you where it was so I could *sprint* in the other direction.

You lose touch with people for a reason. The people I care about already know how to contact me. Sure, there are some exceptions, but those people and I can figure out how to re-connect if necessary without it being a public thing. I have a great alternative to Facebook. It lets you contact anyone you want directly, and all the conversations are private. You can send pictures and other stuff to each other. It's called e-mail!

For me, this blog is enough of an online "persona." I also think I tell people enough about myself through this, and even that I try to limit to stuff people have a chance at caring about. On Facebook, everyone tells the world "I'm on my way to the store to get paper towels" constantly. I don't care! And I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to care about my daily activities. But even if I did, I prefer to keep that private.

Watching the game?
I've had it on. Paid attention to much of it.
Not sure which way to go.
Glad to see the AL get home field for the WS since I'm sure we'll be in it ;)
But wouldn't have minded seeing Rivera blow the save.
Ideal - Rivera craps, Wake comes in and gets the win.
Didn't happen though.

Oh and...my dog is scratching his ass and there's a fly that keeps landing on the TV screen.
Am I getting the hang of it?
I wonder if anyone will "like this".
I am constantly coming in to use the computer and finding Timmy's facebook page open. That would be my 30 yr-old son Timmy.
The stuff they find inteesting - I just don't get it
Yeah, always fun to root against Yankee players.

You've perfected facebook! Ha!
Well said and fair enough.

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