Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"Mayes" Back At It

Remember the Extra Bases reporter who made a horrible first impression on me by spelling Willie Mays' name wrong? Tonight, he said,

"Green is starting to look like the best defensive Sox shortstop since Cabrera..."

Unbelievable! Alex Gonzalez was probably the best, most natural defensive infielder I've ever seen play for the Red Sox. And I'm not alone in thinking that. So there's definitely no question he's the best defensive shortstop covering the seasons 2005 to 2009. Green's doing a fine job in the field and has a great arm, but he's not even close to Alex Gonzalez.

I wasn't gonna post during this game, but I had to bring that one up. This "Mayes" guy knows how to sit in a chair and find wacky YouTube videos (I prefer to get off my ass and make my own, but that's just me), but he sure doesn't know shit about baseball.

Anyway, Sox up 4-2 in the sixth, Yanks up 3-1 early.

That's some of the worst red sox reporting I've heard since, uh, all those people sowing confusion about how Nomar would be received Monday night.

Plus, it wasn't like Cabrera was even here for his defense (though he was quite capable). Some of us, who can think back more than 2 weeks or so, might recall this guy named Pokey who was here at the same time.

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